Emily in Tulum

As a child, Emily always loved the unknown, constantly exploring, discovering new things.  After finishing her B.A. in English and French from the University of Virginia and completing her law and business degree at Tulane University, she began a position on Wall Street where she spent another 16 years in a world filled with numbers.  During this time, Emily's passion for travel and fearless spirit took her on many voyages including a spontaneous trip to Turkey in the Spring of 2019 that forever changed the course of her career. 

On the transformative trip to Turkey, she encountered an unexpected world of history, beauty and charm from Bodrum to Cappadocia to Istanbul.  From the lure of the Silk Road to the stalls of the Grand Bazaar, the colors and craftsmanship awakened something inside of her, something that could not be put to rest. She decided it was time to tap into her fearless spirit as a child and turn her passion into her purpose.

Inspired by the incredible artisans, unexpected friendships and rich experiences she encountered in Turkey, Emily started ELYSIAN by EM to share some of that spirit in your everyday life.  Handcrafted in Turkey, each piece is a window into a world filled with saturated colors, rich patterns and textures rooted in history. Elysian by EM hopes to bring you on a journey of inspiration and exploration. This journey tells the story of a woman striking out on her own, following her passion and exploring the unknown. The promise of a world of adventure awaits.