Silk Velvet Turquoise High Tops

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Silk Velvet Sneakers: The Ultimate Statement in Comfort and Style

Introducing the ultimate statement sneaker: Our Silk Velvet High Tops. Known for their versatility, supreme comfort, and unique chic ikat style, these sneakers are your go-to for transforming any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Perfect for day-to-night wear, these shoes will carry you comfortably from errands to the office to global adventures, making them the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own. They embody livable luxury and will quickly become the footwear you reach for without a second thought, promising to bring joy with every look at your feet.

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Features

  • Supreme Comfort: Premium Turkish leather insoles mold to your feet, providing a bespoke feel that's rare in everyday footwear.
  • Durability Meets Style: Robust rubber soles ensure long-lasting comfort, making them ideal for daily wear.
  • Exquisite Material: Our ikat silk velvet, sourced from the prestigious Bukhara region of Uzbekistan, undergoes a unique creation process. Fine metal wires are woven into the silk and then carefully removed, leaving a striated velvet pile that's both uniquely soft and lustrously elegant.
  • Artisanal Excellence: Each sneaker is a product of meticulous craftsmanship by artisans from multi-generational families steeped in the traditions and techniques inherited from Ikat Masters, guaranteeing the highest quality.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Sumptuous colors and traditional silk velvet ikat prints offer a durable yet stylish shoe, adept at concealing wear and maintaining their chic appearance.

Transformative Comfort: A Customer Story

Our clients tell us they wear them to work all day long. One customer recounted how she could never find chic shoes that she could throw on with jeans and stand at work for hours without her feet every getting tired until she our Silk Velvet High Tops. Now the High Tops are her go to shoes and she gets a compliment every single day!

Why They’re Loved

  • Comfort Guaranteed: Doubtful about comfort? Our shoes, with rubber soles and an additional layer of cushion, plus leather lining, offer unmatched padding. They are, as our repeat customers attest, the most comfortable shoes one can own.
  • Styling Made Easy: Unsure how to style them? Our sneakers are the ultimate outfit enhancers. Pair them with jeans and a T-shirt for an effortlessly sophisticated look, or have fun mixing patterns. They're guaranteed to draw compliments.
  • Built to Last: Concerned about longevity? Our sneakers use subtly striated Turkish silk velvet in rich colors and patterns, designed for durability and to elegantly hide signs of wear.

Materials, Size, and Quality

  • Crafted from silk velvet exterior hand-loomed in Buhkara, Uzbekistan, and premium leather insoles from Izmir, Turkey.
  • Each pair is handcrafted with care in Istanbul, Turkey, reflecting a commitment to impeccable quality.
  • Our sneakers come in European sizes, and we recommend sizing up for the perfect fit.
  • To keep your sneakers looking their best, Scotchguard Fabric & Upholstery Protector is recommended.

The Perfect Companion for Elevated Daily Life

Designed for those who demand both luxury and comfort in their daily lives, our Silk Velvet Sneakers are made to live, work, travel, and play in. They're not just shoes; they're a lifestyle choice that brings happiness and ease to your day.

Limited Availability & Sold-Out Items

Remember, our unique Silk Velvet Sneakers come in limited quantities due to the bespoke nature of our hand-loomed fabrics. If you're captivated by their style and comfort, act quickly.

If your size is sold out, contact us at for possible restocking or to place a special order. Don't miss the chance to make these everyday luxury sneakers a part of your life.

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